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Hospital family lounge
Ardrossan Community Hospital is an acute medical hospital comprising of 22 bed licenses and a 24 hour accident emergency

About The Hospital

Please note: Currently we have no doctors on site after 5pm Monday - Friday. Currently on weekends we can not accept presentations requiring a doctor's assistance. If you need to see a doctor please go to your nearest public hospital. In all circumstances you can ring the Ardrossan Hospital to speak to a Registered Nurse.

The hospital is a community owned private, not for profit organisation. It has contracts with all the major health funds and the Department of Veteran Affairs.

All local Doctors have admitting privileges’ to the hospital.


The Accident and Emergency (A&E) can accommodate any medical emergency and has direct links to The Medstar retrieval team via teleconferencing and can provide immediate specialised medical assistance. We also have a Helicopter Landing Pad located on site to provide urgent transfer of the critically ill to the metropolitan area.


In the event of a life threatening emergency, treatment is provided to any person regardless if they do or do not have private health insurance and transfer arrangements will be organised. However, it is recommend that you have separate SA Ambulance Cover as the Ardrossan Hospital is not liable for this cost.


HCF, NIB and APIA do not cover A&E presentations but do cover an Acute stay in our Hospital.


In these circumstances fees will apply to public patients.


Outpatient services can also be provided to those requiring medical treatment out of business hours and on weekends. Most private health funds will cover outpatient services and those not privately insured will incur a Hospital fee.


The hospital is accredited by National Safety & Quality Health Service Standards..


The Aged Care facility is accredited by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency.

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