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The Ardrossan Community Hospital Inc (formally The Ardrossan & Districts Hospital) was opened in 1914 by public subscription, in response to the need for a facility to service the local community

History of The Hospital

In the late 1913 a Board of provisional directors was formed; there was tremendous local support. A limited Liability Company was formed with capital of 2,500.00.00d ($5,000.00) comprising 100 shares at 25.00.00d ($50.00) each. After a public meeting in 1928, shareholders decided to sell their interest in the hospital and in 1930 a Board of Management, with representatives from the town and district, was appointed to administer the hospital.

The Hospital has been operated by a Board of Management ever since except for the period of 1960 -1963. During this time it was leased to the then Matron who managed it for two years and achieved a profit for the first time. She and her husband were the only staff members.


Financial viability has been difficult to maintain throughout the hospital’s history. These problems were addressed by appealing to the residents of the district on an annual basis for donations in order to keep the hospital opened.


The original building has been extended over the years and the property at 35 Fifth Street was repurchased which the hospital had originally owned in order to allow room for further expansion. In addition, the block at 30 Fifth Street was purchased and the Hostel was built in 1981.


The property at 34 Fifth Street was purchased and remained as a residence for the second Doctor until 1998 when it was sold.


In 1966 Mr Horace Dinham (1878 – 1966) passed away he bequeathed his family farm to Ardrossan Community Hospital and St James’s Anglican Church. The Dinham Memorial Trust was established o distribute funds for the working of the farm to the beneficiaries. In 2003 the beneficiaries sold the land and the Ardrossan Community Hospital acquired half of the proceeds. These proceeds assisted in the funding to build a new Aged Care Facility (of 16 beds) which was completed and opened in April of 2004 by the Honourable Neil Andrew M.H.R. The new complex was rightly named “The Dinham Wing” in his honour and generosity. To build Dinham Wing a small portion of East Terrace was closed and additional land on the cliff top was acquired. In 2006 Dinham Wing was extended to a 25 beds facility.

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